The old approaches to guard against viruses don’t work in the modern world where viruses are only one type of threat. Anti-virus apps only provide you small updates and don’t update how they detect viruses or other threats. You’re locked-in to one system, usually for at least a year. Virus makers know this and exploit stale detection methods. It’s time to upgrade. Threat protection is complex and, these days, only a dedicated service that keeps you updated with the latest tools, techniques, and oversight, can offer the strongest protection

Our Advance Threat Protection (ATP) is a complete ever-evolving service that eliminates the need for built-in anti-virus or apps you install once a year that do not update how they detect viruses and other threats. ATP goes beyond the simple anti-virus apps by giving you a dedicated team of professionals who monitor your virus and threat protection to stay ahead of the latest attacks.

Advanced Threat Protection

$8 per month 

Key Features: 

Professionally Maintained Virus Service

Never Purchase Software That Becomes Obsolete

Threat Detection Methods Constantly Updated

Always Receive the Latest Detection Technology

Premium Advanced Threat Protection

$15 per month

Key Features: 

Includes ATP Plus 

Strongest Threat Protection

Advanced Ransomeware Protection

Suspicious Activity Detection

Threat Investigation

Advanced IOC Detection

Intelligent Zero-Day Protection