Did you know most computer problems are avoidable?

Did you know, like most other precision equipment, you will always save money with proper computer maintinance instead of waiting for a problem to occur?

Save money by avoiding that next big computer problem instead of fixing that next big computer problem.

Avoid identity theft instead of recovering from identity theft.

Keep your privacy protected instead of rebuilding your privacy.

ITE’s Complete Managed Protection can add years to the life of your computers and devices and save you expensive retroactive repairs, guard your identity, and protect your privacy.

ITE’s Complete Managed Protection goes substantially beyond threat protection to include proactive issue avoidance, third party application maintenance, complete system security patching, full replacement of intrusive and often damaging auto-update systems, and brings you the power of a dedicate team of professionals watching out for your computers and devices. All of this is provided for a simple flat rate saving you open ended hourly fees.

Give yourself and your family the comfort of stability, ease of use, protection, and privacy.






Responsible Protection + Maintenance

Provides you responsible protection and maintenance for basic computer use such as social media, online ordering, web browsing, and more. Keep your information private with great security and your computer costs low by avoiding many issues preventable with routine maintenance.


Proactive Maintenance

Carefully Selected Security Updates

Carefully Selected Applications Updates

Filtration of Possible Impactful Updates

Includes Two Computers



Extended Protection of Personal Information

+ Upgraded Maintenance

Ideal for those who work moderately with personal or sensitive information, such as business, financial institutions, etc. Those who rely on their computer working reliably will appreciate the additional disaster avoidance provided by this level of extended protection.


Accelerlated Update Schedule

Advanced Monitoring

Zero-Day Threat Protection

Suspicious Activity Detection

Recommended Application Library

Dedicated Expert Oversight & Review

Most Popular



Maximum Protection of Financial

and Personal Information

For those who frequently access financial or other personal online resources revealing private information. This level finds vulnerabilities or exploitable weaknesses not regularly detectable. Maximum reliability is provided by Premium Proactive Maintenance to avoid many issues

before they impact workflow.



Premium Identity Theft Protection

Premium Update Schedule

Premium Proactive Maintenance

Top-Tier Monitoring

Dedicated Personalized Oversight & Review