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Advanced Threat Protection

$8 per month
Never Again Purchase Anti-Virus Apps & Stay Protected from the Latest Threats
  • Our Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a complete ever-evolving service that eliminates the need for built-in anti-virus protection or apps you install once a year that do not update how they detect viruses and other threats. ATP goes beyond the simple anti-virus apps by giving you a dedicated team of professionals who monitor your virus and threat protection to stay ahead of the latest attacks.

  • Key Features:

  • ATP Never Becomes Obsolete

  • Professionally Maintained Threat Protection

  • 2 Package Options Starting at $8 per month

Complete Managed Protection

$99 per month
The Ultimate Identity Theft & Threat Protection Plus Complete Computer Maintenance
  • Our Complete Managed Protection service safeguards all of your online devices from identity theft and other serious threats plus provides complete computer maintenance to keep your devices running smoothly – all for a defined budget. Our team of professionals properly manage your app updates, keep your computers secure from vulnerabilities, implement the latest identity theft protection and much, much more.

  • Key Features:

  • Critical Security & App Updates by Professionals

  • Preventative Maintenance & Disaster Avoidance

  • Includes Advance Threat Protection (ATP)

  • 3 Package Options Starting at $99 per month

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Up-to-Date Virus & Complete Managed Protection Made Easy: Choose the flat-rate level of protection that meets your needs and we do the rest.