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Advanced Threat Protection

$8 per month
The New Way to Stay Protected. Advanced Threat Protection Is a Complete Service Replacing Basic AV Apps
  • The old approaches to guard against viruses don't work in the modern world where viruses are only one type of threat. Anti-virus apps only provide you small updates and don't update how they detect viruses and other threats. ATP replaces basic antiviruse apps with a complete profesional team equiped for the complexities of modern threat protection. ATP is a robust service ensuring the threat protection of your devices and computers are current and always monitored.

  • Key Features:

  • Smart Cascading Threat Protection

  • ATP Never Becomes Obsolete

  • Professionally Maintained and Monitored

  • 2 Package Options Starting at $8 per month

Complete Managed Protection

$99 per month
Did you know most computer problems are avoidable? Save money by avoiding instead of fixing
  • ITE's Complete Managed Protection (CMP) can add years to the life of your computers and devices and save you expensive retroactive repairs, guard your identity, and protect your privacy. Going beyond threat protection, CMP includes proactive issue avoidance, 3rd party application maintinance, complete system security patching, full replacement of intrusive and often damaging auto-update systems, and brings you the power of a dedicate team of professionals watching out for your computers and devices. Give yourself and your family the comfort of stability, ease of use, protection, and privacy.

  • Key Features:

  • Maintenance of Both OS and Apps

  • Cascading Threat Protection for OS and Apps

  • Critical Security & App Updates by Professionals

  • Predictive Maintenance & Disaster Avoidance

  • Includes Advance Threat Protection (ATP)

  • 3 Package Options Starting at $99 per month

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