Complete Your Protection Plan

Essential Oversight Completes Your Essential Protection Plan

  1. IT Essentials enhances your antimalware / antivirus protection. We continue where your antivirus software stops by identifying areas of vulnerability on your computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. We then fix those areas and inspect to ensure fixes are applied properly and running correctly.
  2. We disable your problem-prone update systems and replace it with professionally installed essential updates. We filter updates with the potential to cause additional threats, problems or the loss of files, such as precious photos or important documents.
  3. Identity theft protection and insurance services can provide useful help after your information is stolen, but do little to strengthen the security of your smartphones, tablets and computers. We add proactive armor to protect you from threats before they happen, thus reducing your need for reactive services.
  4. Your other security and identity protection systems do not monitor or maintain the performance of your computer. We do. ITE helps you avoid costly repairs by proactively performing regular maintenance to your computers and devices. It’s like regular oil changes on your car. It is also another first of it’s kind service for individuals.
  5. Need help beyond your subscription? Every subscription includes a vast array of services that proactively protect you from today’s most dangerous threats, plus we are here to help with anything you may find useful – from installing applications to fixing your scanner or printer – without surprise bills. Pay for only the time you use, no minimum time charge. We are your IT concierge!