What Will ITE Do for Me?

There is a big misconception today.

Many think identity thieves are only after direct access to financial resources such as your bank account. To the contrary, most skilled identity thieves are delicate and crafty at their trade who try very hard to do anything but directly draw attention to the fact your identity is being used by them.

These people are experienced at finessing even the smallest bits of information from your computers or devices to start posing as you. They can find the names of your financial advisers, how you write notes, and even the names of people with whom you interact.

This combined with the amounts of your last loan payment, credit card balances, etc., can let these 21st century technologically capable grifters virtually pose as you. They may live off your identity for years without you being aware of their actions.

In modern times, most of the information they learn about you comes right from your own computer. This is why the first step in protecting your identity is protecting the devices that hold your personal information: your computer, smartphone, tablets, etc.

IT Essentials protects you from attacks and problems caused by the absence of proper proactive maintenance and constant monitoring. IT Essentials fills the gaps left by other protection systems and computer technicians.

However, your other systems are not useless; rather small components of a complete protection system. These single protection components only work with limited areas, leaving giant gaps that can be exploited by thieves who gain access to your personal information.

It’s like locking all your home’s windows, but leaving the front door unlocked. Something large corporations have known for years, and for the first time, that complete computer security is available to you.

How Do We Fill The Gaps Left by Other Protection Systems?

IT Essentials fills the gaps with solid protection and maintenance.

Antimalware/Antivirus Software Is No Longer Effective

The old approaches to guard against viruses don’t work in the modern world where viruses are only one type of threat. Anti-virus apps only provide you small updates and don’t update how they detect viruses and other threats. You’re locked in to one system usually for at least a year. Virus makers know this and exploit stale detection methods. It’s time to upgrade. Threat protection is complex and, these days, only a dedicated service that keeps you updated with the latest tools, techniques, and oversight, can offer the strongest protection.

What ITE Does: Provides Advanced Threat Protection: ATP replaces basic antivirus apps with a complete professional team equipped for the complexities of modern threat protection. ATP is a robust service ensuring the threat protection of your devices and computers are current and always monitored.

Your Computer Technician Only Provides Periodic Service

Your local technician may be helpful with your requests; however, they most likely work with several other clients. Who ensures your computer and smartphone are protected right now? Our team of professionals are devoted to protecting your personal information and keeping your equipment consistently running smooth.

Although many of our clients don’t need a technician to visit them, ITE can compliment the work of your technician. We collaborate with many around the country to pair ITE constant proactive essential protection with their services. Have your technician call us so we can work together for you.

What ITE Does: Constantly safeguards your equipment, even when your technician is not working for you.

Auto Update Systems Can be Devastating

These systems can help your software, such as web browsers, stay up to date. But how do you know an auto update actually removed a vulnerability or is protecting your computer or smartphone at all?

Did you know auto updates can cause your necessary programs to quit working, delete files or worse…open your personal information to thieves? It’s also a dangerous path when you never update, since it leaves you vulnerable to thieves.

What ITE Does: Thoroughly reviews and installs appropriate updates to minimize problems while giving you complete security armor from invasive attacks. 

Identity Theft Protection Firms Are Reactive, Not Proactive

These firms provide reactive services when your identity is stolen – an insurance and possibly warning signs of a security breach through scanning. They do not offer strong proactive protection of your most vulnerable areas: your computer and smartphone.

What ITE Does: Provides essential proactive service to shield you from security breaches before they happen. 

IT Essentials is the strongest tool in your arsenal to responsibly protect
the personal information of you and your family.

Why is ITE the First to Offer This Type of Protection?

Simple. It’s very hard to offer this service to the individual.

While businesses use various components, such as firewall or antimalware systems, like you do, they know each of these is only a small component of the complete protection system. What completes the protection system is human involvement, oversight and inspections to carefully apply proper protection.

Individuals generally do not have access to a professionally-staffed IT department and are left with the basic protection components, such as antimalware software and retroactive identity theft protection services. These basic systems rely on automation, so there is little to no human oversight or intervention as part of the service.

We see that as a critical void: ITE is the first to develop the method of delivering complete business-class protection with actual inspections and human oversight with no minimum computer requirement. Now, you can have complete protection strength and a team of professionals working for you.

What Made IT Essentials?

ITE is created from the development of a proprietary, proactive IT maintenance and oversight delivery model. It is built from the ground up using only modern techniques. Free from the restrictions of legacy methods and infrastructure, we were able to design a new and highly-efficient IT support model to provide essential personal information protection, proactive maintenance to avoid costly repairs and true business-class human oversight and inspections to keep your personal information and devices protected.

ITE gives you business-class protection through modern efficiency, which results in a previously impossible subscription rate with no minimum computer requirement.