Your Time, Privacy Are Essential

Time is the first priority of IT Essentials. Our platform allows us to work for you, which means we respect your time by not interfering with your work. We do most of our work in the background, staying clear from your locus of attention. Generally, we apply maintenance and security updates on your computer at least 3 to 4 times per month to keep you protected from the latest threats (all included in your flat-rate subscription).

Saving you time was top priority when we designed IT Essentials, so we are typically able to deliver your essential IT maintenance, security and support without taking over the foreground of your computer or device. When a restart is required, we simply send you a message asking you to restart at your convenience.

You are putting a lot of trust in us to protect and maintain your computer and devices. We respect that and designed our systems so you have total control of how we maintain your computer and devices. Our systems, by default, are HIPPA compliant which means we can not see any of your personal information except in specific cases where you grant us permission to address an item.

These protections allow us to maintain your updates and security while also protecting your privacy and saving you time.