IT Essentials Is The Modern Way to Maintain Your Technology


What is IT Essentials?
IT Essentials provides regular maintenance and protects your computers, smartphones, and tablets from the plethora of threats targeting your personal information. This service is provided to you via an efficient proactive flat rate service offering a complete improvement from the traditional open ended and reactive hourly billing approach to computer maintenance.

IT Essentials offers a phenomenal improvement to basic automated approaches such as antivirus software, 3rd party scanning services, etc. IT Essentials uses complete human oversight to constantly monitor and apply carefully selected updates to your devices and computers keeping them running smooth and minimizing the chance of attack, privacy breaches, and malfunctions.

How is IT Essentials Different From Automatic Updates?
The problem with automatic updates is it tends to be an all or nothing approach. Updates are installed on your devices and computers simply because they are available by the vendor. While some updates may provide legitimate advantages, others may benefit the vendor more than the user by establishing greater tracking of your activities, allowing more advertising, etc. Further, some updates may not be thoroughly tested and actually cause damage or malfunctions. Other updates may simply provide what some call “gratuitous changes”. These are changes that require you to relearn how to use your equipment while providing no noticeable advantage.

The answer is to have a professional choose the updates truly beneficial to you. This is very common in business settings who have dedicated IT teams, however, for individuals, this can be cost prohibitive. IT Essentials solves this problem.

IT Essentials provides you access to an entire team that researches available updates and carefully selects the updates appropriate for your devices and computers. This means there is actual human involvement. For any applied update, the benefits are carefully weighed against the impact to your use before they are applied. IT Essentials is a professional service providing you the advantagous updates while filtering out those which are gratuitous, impact your use and enjoyment, or otherwise affect your use negatively. In summary, IT Essentials is a group of professionals carefully watching and actively maintaining your technology.

Will this Slow My Computer Like I Experience When I Run Updates Myself?
Absolutely not!

The IT Essentials platform is a high end professional offering using an entirely different and more advanced system than the basic free update systems that come packaged with most computers. IT Essentials handles all of the processing and analysis for you on our servers so your computer is not bogged down with these tasks. When we choose the updates appropriate for you, our system delivers those using modern efficient techniques that generally result in no slowdowns even if updates, security patches, etc. are installed while you are actively using your computer.

What is it Like to Have a Computer Cared for by IT Essentials?
The biggest difference you may notice is you see fewer inconsistencies. Your computers run better. Many people wait for an issue to occur with their computer before taking action. At IT Essentials, we proactively care for your equipment similarly to a car. You wouldn’t wait until your engine froze to change the oil and we don’t wait for issues either. Your computer is proactively and responsibly maintained.

While some actions are “silent”, meaning you won’t even realize they are taking place, others may show you an indication simply stating a new update is being applied. To take full advantage of the work we do, it may sometimes be needed to restart your computer and we will post an alert on your screen letting you know you can restart at your next opportunity. We try to keep our work very much in the background. Think of us a your dignified IT housekeepers.

Does IT Essentials Interrupt My Use of the Computer?
IT Essentials mostly works with quiet dignity in the background. Taking our roots from our parent top-tier business and premium residential offering, Zebis, we are used to staying out of your way and work very hard to do so. For those instances where it may be recommended for us to take over, we will coordinate a specific time that works best for you. You won’t have to work around large time windows. We are punctual and professional.

How Does IT Essentials Improve on Antivirus Software?
IT Essentials provides an additional layer of protection to your existing antivirus software. Where antivirus software will utilize automated methods to detect known characteristics, IT Essentials will go a step beyond to analyze for suspicious activities on your devices and computers and even employee human oversight. If something looks suspicious we will alert you right away with an aim to contain the issue before it becomes impactful.

Does the IT Essentials Subscription Include All of my IT Requests?
The IT Essentials subscription is a maintenance and security service substantially reducing the need for unplanned repairs and establishing robust armor to keep your private information protected. Beyond the areas covered by the base subscription, we offer flat rate services to repair issues, add additional software, setup new devices, and any of your other IT needs.

Will IT Essentials Reduce My Need for IT Repair?
Yes! IT Essentials is a proactive service meant to both proactively avoid issues before they become impactful and substantially reduce the impact of unavoidable issues.

Is It Possible For My Devices or Computers to Become Compromised If I Use IT Essentials?
Anything is possible. Further, if, for less then $200 / month, we could guarantee no compromises, we would sell this to the CIA and save a huge amount of tax payer money. IT Essentials is meant to substantially reduce the chance of unplanned problems and your security and privacy being compromised by establishing robust armor around your technology. With IT Essentials you have the benefit of decades of experience and systems development keeping your devices and computers maintained and protected.

Will My Devices and Computers Run Better With IT Essentials?
Most find their computers run noticeably better with IT Essentials because your equipment is now being proactively maintained on specific schedules. Critical software is kept current, maintenance areas are addressed proactively, and updates that will impact your use are filtered before they reach you thus keeping the devices you know working consistently without surprise changes.

Other People Use My Devices or Computer. Can IT Essentials Help Me to Know if They Make Changes?
Yes! IT Essentials will e-mail you anytime major changes are made to your devices or computers. If your children, guests, etc. install applications, you will be notified. If you are away from your device or computer and would like a newly installed application removed, simply e-mail us and we can take care of that for you all included in your flat rate subscription.

How Often Does IT Essentials Apply Updates?
There is no set time frame or maximum allowed in your subscription. We constantly apply updates as needed and recommended based on your subscription level. For those that benefit from the highest levels of protection you may receive multiple updates even during the course of a single day. Your flat rate service comes with no limit.

Is IT Essentials Appropriate for Business?
IT Essentials offers a substantial improvement from basic IT technical support generally available to many small businesses. While IT Essentials does not, at this time, provide mission critical response, network monitoring, and other characteristics common with higher end business class service, smaller businesses who desire reliability without higher end requirements will find IT Essentials a refreshing improvement from conventional IT support.

For businesses who would benefit from higher end business class service including mission critical response, dedicated representatives, network monitoring, fault tolerance, and other work flow critical areas, we invite you to consider the top end services of our parent company Zebis. Zebis provides complete fractional IT departments bringing enterprise class reliability to small businesses.

Does IT Essentials Provide My Information to 3rd Parties?
No! We are exclusively funded by subscriptions of our clients and have no affiliations with 3rd parties.

Can IT Essentials Help Me With IT Services Beyond My Regular Subscription?
Yes! If we can help, IT Essentials will quote a flat rate for any service you would like. Would you like a set of software installed? Does something need to be repaired? Is one of your applications not working? Our expert staff can assist all by remote with minimal effort on your part.